AASM Courses

African American Studies Minor courses provide an intellectual framework for understanding the range of African American experiences and conceptions of black identity in the United States as well as the African Diaspora.  Listed below are the fundamental requirements which help establish the essential framework the minor is based on. 

PDF Version of Course Requirements

Students must:

  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA in the AAS Minor
  • Officially declare the minor using the Major/Minor tool.  The AASM code is M063.
  • Review General Catalog or the Approved Course List for AASM’s courses.
  • Check with your college advisor to see how declaring a minor would affect Program of Concentration (if applicable) or Time to Degree.

Students complete seven 4-unit courses (must have a total of twenty eight units).  These courses will be comprised of:

  • Courses chosen from the Approved Course List
  • At least one core course
  • At least six elective courses
  • Five upper division courses (minimum 20 units total)
  • No more than three upper division courses can be taken in any one department

Petitions - Petitioning courses to count toward the minor is very common but obtaining approval is always subject to the faculty director’s discretion.

  • For courses that are not on the official list of approved courses for the minor, students can petition to request an exception be made (see Approved Course List). 
  • Students can petition for the pass/no pass option in AASM courses and approval is at the discretion of the AASM Director

Faculty Director

Dennis R. Childs
Literature Building, Room 426

Program Coordinator

Mya D. Hines
Humanities & Social Sciences, Room 1105
(858) 534-3856

Office Hours (Fall, Winter & Spring): 
Mondays, 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Black Resource Center